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Tips for Home Windows in Virginia Beach. Window Buying Guide


The Best Tips for Home Windows in Virginia Beach – The Window Buying Guide Edition

May 06, 2018

energy efficient windows

Consider going with energy efficient windows as an investment of a lifetime. Virginia Beach is known for its mild winters and very hot and humid summers with the highest temperature ever recorded at 105oF in July 2010.

Homeowners therefore must have a more efficient way of managing the temperature variations in their homes. For the most part, they need a very efficient mechanism of cooling their home interiors especially in the hot summer months. As such, the choice of the most appropriate home windows in Virginia Beach can help. Here are some tips for you to consider.

  1. Choose energy-efficient window frames. – The type of material used for the window frame can help reduce energy consumption especially during the hot summer months in Virginia Beach. For the most energy-efficient windows, always go for either wood or vinyl; although, wooden window frames would definitely cost you more. As much as possible, stay away from aluminum frames as these are not as energy-efficient as the other types of frames. For middle-of-the-ground frames, get fiberglass.
  2. Go for high VT, low SHGC, and low U-value glasses. – VT reflects the amount of light that can be transmitted through the window glass. Getting a glass with high VT will mean you don’t need additional lighting inside your home during the day. SHGC is a reflection of how much heat can pass through the window glass. As much as possible, you want this to be as low as possible so you don’t need additional air conditioning. The U-value reflects the amount of heat that can be transferred through the window glass. You would want this to be low as well.
  3. Consider using multi-pane window glasses. – As much as possible it is better to get double- or triple- paned window glasses so that the additional space in between the glass panels can serve as extra insulation. It’s equally important to choose a window glass that has a perfect vacuum in between panes. However, this is often impossible so you can choose gas-filled window panes for insulation. You can choose argon for ordinary glasses and krypton for specialty glasses. You can also get xenon-filled glasses but these are quite expensive.
  4. Choose low emissive window glasses. – You may also want to choose a glass with a metallic oxide coating on the inner side. This gives it low emissivity and hence, help prevent the transfer of heat from one glass pane to another. Something to think about when it is time to replace your home windows.

Consider going with energy efficient windows as an investment of a lifetime. Energy-efficient windows can provide you comfort and energy savings for your Virginia Beach home. It is thus, crucial to choose wisely before buying.

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