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Tips on Home Window Replacement

home window replacement

December 3, 2021

When choosing new windows, there are more things to consider, than one might think. In this article we will go over all things that need to be considered to getting you the best windows for your home.

1. What is the Purpose of Windows

Windows have many features. They can be used as doors, in case of a sliding glass door. They can provide one with a view. They can allow light into a home. Maybe it's just for aesthetics or home design. Home window replacement is also done to save money on utility bills, as new energy efficient windows are getting popular.

2. Select Windows that Complement your Home's Architectural style

Everyhome should have a unique look to standout in the community. Your windows should reflect your home's design. You might have a traditional home with standard sliding windows, or you may have a shingle house with double hung windows. Maybe you have a contemporary or modern home and your windows go from floor to ceiling, You might even want to change the look of your home. At accurate Siding and Windows we will help you decide on the style of your new windows.

home window replacement

3. Window Frames and Dividers

Decide on the right frames. Also instead getting one big window you might want several small windows. There are two ways to go about having small windows. One is called mullions and the other is muntins. Mullions are the vertical pieces that separate the window pieces. Manufacturers and window installers refer to both horizontal and vertical pieces as mullions even tough the correct term for the horizontal pieces is transom. Their main purpose s to support the glazing of the window, but they can be used for design aesthetics as well. muntins are very similar but they go over the glass to offer the same style look. Both mullions and muntins can be painted to match your frames.

home window glass replacement

4. Choosing the BEST Accent Colors for your Home Window Replacement Frames

Choosing an exterior paint color palette can often be a challenge. Look to the outdoors and neighboring homes to get a sense of what existing colors are present. Choose a trim color for your home, and consider using the same color on your window frames. Many homes choose to have a field color to their home and two accent colors – one for the trim of their home and one for window frames, doorways, and the garage door. Look to your local paint or home improvement center store for color palettes that are pre-chosen to save you time and heartache of choosing!

5. Selecting the right Insulated Replacement windows for the Amount of Ventilation Needed 

One of the most essential purposes of a replacement windows is to let ventilation and movement of fresh air in and out of your rooms. Deciding which type of window suits your needs will help determine the type of windows. Many rooms have operable windows, which mean they can be opened or closed as needed. Fixed windows cannot be opened and are used in rooms that have large expansive windows and small windows that open. Generally most homes have a combination of both types.

6. Choosing Windows Glass Replacement that Appeals to your Home's Interiors

While the exterior aesthetic of your windows are important, remember how the window functions and appeals to your interiors. Replacement windows can create an experience inside your home. In bathrooms – look to windows that will let in light, but do not provide direct viewing angles from the outdoors (unless view is obstructed, on a higher level than the ground, etc…) In public spaces, decide if the view warrants large picture windows that let in maximum light and view. If the function of the room warrants, then you may want to have different sized and shaped windows. At Accurate New Siding and Windows, our window installer will help you pick the perfect home window glass replacement. We pride ourselves on being the number 1 window replacement company.

7. Determine the Orientation of the Sun Before Choosing Replacement Windows

If you are remodeling your home with the assistance of an architect or window installer, consider where your house sits in relation to the sunrise and sunset. Too much day sun in your home's family room when watching television or an unwelcome sunrise in your bedroom can hinder your home experience. Our window company uses the best practices to help ensure your home is always pleasant to be in. You don't want to lose heat or cool air during the summer and winter months. this will entail in higher costs on your utility bills.

8. Replacement Windows

There are many types of replacement windows. The moveable portion of the window can move up and down, left to right or they can rotate in for easy cleaning of the outside glass.. For instance double hung windows can move up and down and horizontal sliders move horizontally. Awning windows are very popular in homes and they move up and down. hinged windows open at an angle. Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom, They are typically used over doorways and is usually protected by an eaves. Our siding installer will ensure we get you the perfect siding for your home, wheater it's vinyl siding or the material of your choice.


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