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Accurate Siding and Windows | Siding and Window Contractor in Virginia Beach

Accurate Siding and Windows has served lots of customers throughout its years of business. A majority of these customers have expressed satisfaction and even recommended the company to other customers. If you are looking for the best siding and window contractor in Virginia Beach, then take the locals’ word for it and get in touch with Accurate Siding and Windows today!

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Michelle Hamady
November 26, 2019

Stars: 5

We recently had all our windows replaced and couldn't be more pleased with the service we received from Accurate Siding and Windows. Louis and his team were extremely nice and professional - what a great group of people! Louis kept us updated throughout the process, showed up each time as promised, and stands behind the product he sells and the service and quality of work his team provides. It was truly a pleasure to deal with this company!! We love our new windows - many thanks again!!

Barbara Waite
November 10, 2019

Stars: 5

Louis and his Son put new siding on our home and we absolutely LOVE IT!! The price was great, they are the hardest working men we’ve ever had. They were very professional and kept us up to date on everything they were doing. My husband normally does everything when it comes to our home his self, and he and I were so impressed with their work and the quality of it. Everyone that walked by after it was finished were committing on great it looked and was asking for their information. If you ever want siding or windows done on your home call Louis at Accurate Siding and Windows!!

Audrey McAndrew
October 1, 2019

Stars: 5

We are having our siding replaced by Lou and his son and Frank. They are Great guys and doing an excellent job. Their work is quality, professionalism is quality and the product is quality. So very glad we decided to have them do the job for us. They care about doing a great job for their customers. I would highly recommend calling them if you are considering having siding repairs or redoing your siding and/or windows. Best in the business in my opinion. Will definitely recommend them always and will use them again in the future for windows. I don't think I will ever need siding again, this will last another 30 yrs or longer probably.

Sharda Singh
October 9, 2019

Stars: 5

Accurate Siding and Windows, are best in the business in Virginia Beach area. If I could, I would give them 10 stars. Louis and his son are very professional, very friendly, honest and the best in the job. Around early August, one of the siding panels on the third floor of my house became loose and was hanging and hitting bathroom window even during very low wind. I contacted other siding company, they came and assured it will be fixed by the end of the week. They kept on giving new time every time I called for almost three weeks. When I heard hurricane Dorian was going to hit our area. I was even more worried and concerned. One day before Dorian I called many siding company,hoping someone could fix my siding that day. Finally I called Accurate siding and Windows and talked to Louis and requested him to fix my siding that day. He assured he would come and fix it in the evening. He came with his son in the evening and fixed it as promised. I would have happily paid him more , but he charged less than what previous company had quoted. He did a great job too. For any siding work in future, I would definitely be calling them only. I highly recommended them.

Rob Barnes
October 14, 2019

Stars: 5

This was by far the best experience I have ever had when doing work on my house. Louis was very helpful start to finish, he kept us informed from start to finish. Quality of work was excellent. We felt comfortable the whole experience. Our house now looks better than it did when we built it 30 years ago, I would recommend to anyone, Louis fell free to give my phone number to anyone for a reference and you can also send them by our house to see the work.
Forgot to mention work done was total vinyl sidding and windows and trim and gutters and front portch , Again I cannot say enough good things about this business and Louis, I love my house again.
Thanks Louis

Patrick W in Virginia Beach, VA
October 03, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Louise and Louise Jr. of AWS where the best value for material and craftsmanship of the four quotes. They were exceptionally skilled, creative and the quality was a ten out of ten. Provided repair when needed without scamming me with unnecessary replacement trim and sheathing. Exceptional details at every corner. Refused to leave the project until he was convinced I was fully satisfied. Did not hesitate to do additional scope of work when requested. Allowed me to repair small things on weekends and evenings. House looks like new, modern architectural marvel. The crew was a pleasure to work with and I feel like they are a friends now. Five Stars is not enough! You are wasting your money and time with anyone else. For some perspective on my feedback you should know: I have personally replaced every window, doors, installed sliding glass door, renovated every interior room, flooring, tile, and built from scratch every kitchen cabinet and installed them myself. It took all I could to stay out of their way every day. They made me that confident about their quality and ethics!

Dennis Otter
September 17, 2019

Stars: 5

If you are looking to find an honest window installer/contractor, this is the person for you. Lou and his son realize that customer service is part of their business and they deliver exactly what is promised to the customer. I was referred to Accurate Siding and Windows by another satisfied customer. Lou Sr. came out ON TIME and was businesslike in his delivery. A contract was discussed and he returned at a later date with the written contract exactly as to what was discussed. There are no hidden costs and the quality of the work is on the level of his prices. The windows were installed within 10 days of the contract being signed. You will not be disappointed with the quality of work and the honesty of the business. I am a highly satisfied customer!

Stephen Gebert
Auhust 11, 2019

Stars: 5

I hired Accurate Siding 4 years ago to install all new vinyl siding, 18 new windows, and 2 new rear sliding doors in a rental duplex that I own. I contacted several siding contractors for quotes, but none showed the enthusiasm that Louis did. Louis gave me several references to call and drive by, which I really appreciated. He also patiently answered all my questions and concerns prior to me giving him the job. I was very pleased by the quality of work performed by Louis and his son Louis Jr. I am certainly not the easiest customer to please, as I believe in doing everything "the right way" and not to cut any corners. Accurate Siding certainly did an excellent job. I have not had any problems with the work performed by Accurate Siding. All the windows and doors are still tight and the new siding still looks good as on day 1. I would not hesitate to hire Accurate Siding again, and highly recommend Louis and his team.

Wick T
May 23, 2019

Stars: 5

Lou and company did an amazing job. We replaced all siding, fascia, soffit and gutters. Lou has 1 crew so you might have to wait, but it's worth it - you won't be disappointed.

John Stewart
May 12, 2019

Stars: 5

I can’t say enough about how overjoyed I am with my experience with Accurate Siding and Windows. Lou and his team do the work on your house as if it was their own, ensuring everything is done beautifully and made to last. Their rates are exceptional, and their craftsmanship is even better. Don’t look any further for siding or windows, because I don’t believe anyone could do a better job. I wish there were more stars to give them!

Purna Chitta
January 21, 2019

Stars: 5

Louis and his son came, assessed what needs to be done for the fallen trim, fixed it perfect. Quality work, best experience. Definitely will hire again.

Derek Condon
January 13, 2019

Stars: 5

I contracted accurate windows and siding in March of 2018 when a wind storm tore the siding off an entire side of my house. I was given 30 days by the city of Virginia Beach to get the problem resolved and Lou, the owner, was able to get the work done within the time constraints.
When removing my siding, Lou and his team found multiple pieces of wood that were rotted and was able to replace them. When I was not home he would take photos and document the progress so I would be able to see it.
I’ve had the siding, gutters, and shutters on for over 9 months and haven’t had an issue. If I do have an issue, I know that Lou will come back and resolve any issue that arises. I definitely recommend Lou and his team.

Decemner 12, 2018

Stars: 5

This kindness is almost unheard of! I called the wrong business and Lou STILL sat on the phone with me and advised me on my problem and businesses to work with.

Nir Horev in Virginia Beach, VA
October 16, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

What a friendly professional company!
Lou, the owner came to see the job and gave us an estimate the next day.
He explained the process and the installers knew what they were doing. They worked well together and cleaned up after themselves.
Will definitely use again in the future.

Mikenna Watterson in Virginia Beach, VA
August 26, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Lou and his team did an amazing job! Our home looks like a completely different house. The guys were on site, on time every day. Our neighbors have stopped us in our tracks to tell us how amazed they are with the transformation. They went out if their way to accommodate any and all wishes and were nothing but kind and respectful. Their attention to detail with the irregularities of our 1978 home identified areas of structural concern (parted beams in our awning) that he went the extra mile to repair) and custom designing (uneven slope which required additional trim fabrication). Lou even called a couple weeks after completion to check if anything had warped from the heat advising it happens sometimes and that if it does to call immediately so he can realign it if necessary. They recruit solely off word of mouth and I am proud to give them a 5 star rating and to tell everyone I know, "if you need siding, these are the guys to go with".

Mary Ballard in Virginia Beach, VA
August 11, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

My husband and I are VERY PLEASED with the work that Louis D’Agosta and his team did on our windows. The work was completed on time and they did a great job. Everything was exactly as he said it would be.

I researched the Simonton ‘Perfexion Platinum’ window focusing on the glass and frame options, and the available window types. I also got advice from my daughter, a LEED-certified architect, who agreed that this was a good replacement window for a 32 year old house. Don’t get me wrong, she shared that this is the top grade of a medium grade window but to spend more would be a waste of our money. We concluded that this was the best fit for us. I consulted with five window companies but decided to contract with Accurate Siding and Windows because, while the other companies said they could not deliver that particular window, Mr. D’Agosta said he could and did just that.

Then I researched Accurate Siding and Windows regarding reputation, installation, warranty and price. I read the reviews on Google, looked at his web page and viewed previous work. A very large proportion of the reviews were positive. I made a mental note of the negative review that stood out, but after working with Mr. D’Agosta this review was of no real concern. In the end, I more clearly understand the perspective of the writer; but concluded that it did not highlight a shortcoming of the company but was an indicator of the work ethics and commitment to the satisfactory completion of each job held by Mr. D’Agosta and his team. Originally we wanted single-hung windows so Mr. D’Agosta explained the availability and cost differences between single and double hung for this particular window but left the final decision up to us. We went with the double hung windows. We also wanted to clad the exterior around the window, and again, he explained the process in great detail and delivered as promised. Additionally, Mr. D’Agosta patiently answered all of our questions, even when asked more than once, and we frequently asked the same questions. The fact that his answers remained the same and reflected the quality of work done by his team gave us a great deal of reassurance throughout the process. We also had him install shutters and, again, were very pleased.

We feel that he quoted a very fair price for the work, did quality installation, clearly explained the warranty and delivered the work as contracted. We are confident that in the event of future concerns from this installation that Mr. D’Agosta will hold true to his word and honor the contract as written. We are very pleased with our decision to work with Louis D’Agosta of Accurate Siding and Windows and are making plans to use them to replace our gutters and clad the rest of the exterior wood on our house.

Jonathan Jennings in Virginia Beach, VA
July 31, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Lou and team deserve 10 stars if I could give them. They transformed my home like no one else could. Their professionalism, friendliness, workmanship and pricing all top notch. I am buying a new home 4 hours away and I would like to hire Lou and Accurate Siding to do that siding and 20 replacement windows. They did an excellent-professional job. I even made a few friends!

Derek Davies in Virginia Beach, VA
July 17, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Use Accurate Siding and Windows for any job you need! We recently hired them to replace all the windows and siding on our house, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience from beginning to end.

The planning and ordering for our job was easy. Lou personally came to our home several times- taking measurements, going over the paperwork, giving samples, or whenever I had a question. My wife and I have unpredictable schedules, and Lou was always extremely accommodating, even coming in at night or on weekends if we needed him.

Accurate uses the highest quality materials. Lou was very knowledgeable and helpful walking us through the different options. Our Simonton 5500 Windows and Mastic Structure siding are amazing! The house is MUCH quieter now and I’ve been impressed at how cool the house has been in spite of this recent heat wave. Additionally, Accurate’s pricing was significantly less expensive than several area competitors, using identical products. Best of all, the price that Lou determined from the estimate was the price that we ended up paying- there were no hidden fees or extra expenses that popped up after the contract was signed. If you deal with Accurate, you can expect a painless and honest experience.

The workmanship for our home was top notch. Lou, Louis, and Frank were prompt, hardworking, professional, and clean. I always knew when the team was coming and what they would be doing. At the end of the day, they’d always clean up the job site. Lou was always accommodating of special requests- leaving space so my wife could pull out of the garage, or doing a specific job to work around our schedule. If they uncovered any hidden issues (rotten wood, poor prior repairs, etc), Lou would take pictures or call me to walk me through it, and then properly take care of it. I have full confidence that Lou’s repairs will last another 50 years, and he didn’t nickel-and-dime me along the way.

Accurate has unparalleled customer service. Lou was always readily available- by phone, text, or email. I always knew what the next step would be. If there were issues, he’d address them immediately. There is no disconnect between the front of house and the work crew; if you deal with Accurate, you’ll be dealing with the owner and his son- the same people who will be doing the work on your home.

Bottom line is that Accurate Siding and Windows is the best contractor in the region, hands down. They have the best materials, the best price, the most transparent contracts, and the best customer service of any contractor that I’ve worked with. Anyone can install a window, but if you want it done right by someone who treats you like family, look no further than Accurate Siding and Windows.

Leslie Shoemake in Virginia Beach, VA
July 4, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

We needed to replace one window. Lou came right over and replaced it in 5 minutes. Quick and painless. He took time out from his busy day to do a small job. We highly recommend him.

Jonathan J. in Virginia Beach, VA
July 31, 2018

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Lou and his team transformed my home like nobody could!! He and his team deserve a 10 star rating for pricing, quality and timeliness. I have made a new friend in the process. I am buying a home 4 hours away and I would love to hire accurate siding and windows to replace that siding and windows!! Awesome job Lou!!!

Blake Sheldon
July 2, 2018

Stars: 5

We recently just had our siding, trim, and soffits all replaced by Lou and his crew. They are all very attentive to detail and do great work. If there is any question you have while they are on the job site they are very approachable and will stop what they are doing to answer it. And if they have already left for the day and you have a question Lou encourages you to call him. If there is any problem they fully explain what the problem is and how they plan to fix it, before fixing it. From the beginning to the end they will keep you informed and explain every option available to you. I highly recommend the high quality of work they provide for a fair quality price. I will contact them for any future work that I need.

Craig Caldwell
June 8, 2018

Stars: 5

Honest people, great work and fast. They did small siding repair job at a decent price and everything looked awesome. Very reliable and would highly recommend.

Andrea Dirickson
June 1, 2018

Stars: 5

Louis and his team installed 11 windows in my house and did a wonderful job. Quality windows for a competitive price. I've heard neighbors complain about companies they've come in contact with, but Louis did a wonderful job and I have absolutely no complaints.

Brittany Regts
May 22, 2018

Stars: 5

Louis Dagosta from Accurate Siding and Windows was awesome with our investment rental property! He gave us a detailed review of options, gave us a fair price for high quality work/windows, and we even got upgraded windows on accident for no upcharge. They look beautiful.

Aimee J
May 1, 2018

Stars: 5

Louis did a great job with our windows! He worked hard and was great at communicating with us. He is honest and full of integrity. His prices were great too, significantly better than some of the other window companies out there. We will definitely be working with him again in the future for window and siding needs. We highly recommend him!

Brian Winch
April 18, 2018

Stars: 5

Louis, his son and Frank did a professional, good looking job. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. We are extremely happy with the product and more so with the little things that he did to finish it off (diamonds on the fascia, the keystones were really nice and the picture framing of the front windows). We would definitely recommend Accurate Siding.

March 11, 2018

Stars: 5

We absolutely loved how our house turned out when they were done with the siding and wrapping the trim!! They did the whole house two winters ago and it still looks like a brand new house. We still get compliments from our neighbors on how amazing the house looks now. About a month ago during a snow storm with high wind gust a piece came down. He told us when he was done that if anything happens to call him and he will come take care of it. So we called Louis and he came and re-hung it for us with no problem. After he hung the piece my father-in-law tried to pay him and he wouldn’t take the money! Louis is just a stand up guy all around and he runs a great crew. I highly recommend them and if I ever need another job done down the road he will be the first one I call. Awesome experience. Thanks Louis!!

Robert VanAlstyne
February 24, 2018

Stars: 5

Louis and his crew did an outstanding job installing siding and trim. Louis is very easy to work with. Pricing is fair and the quality of work is unsurpassed!! If you are looking for new siding and trim don't bother looking elsewhere. You will not be disappointed!!!

Roderick Garcia
Jan 21, 2018

Stars: 5

I highly recommend Accurate Siding and Window. They installed all new trim around my home and it looks great. And, no more painting. If you are looking for professional work at a fair price, look no further. These guys are honest, hardworking, punctual and very professional. I am one happy customer and love the way my home look now. Louis is as good as it gets.

Lee Ann Haney
Jan 3, 2018

Stars: 5

If you haven't signed a contract yet, do not sign with anyone else until you've considered Accurate Siding. Before signing our contract, we compared them to numerous siding contractors and even talked to homeowners who had their houses sided by Accurate. There was not one complaint by other customers, not even a hint of one.

Louis Sr., Louis Jr., and Frank were an amazing crew. They were on time (often early), respectful of our decisions, allowed us all the time we needed to make choices, allowed us without complaint to change our minds a few times, took care of our property (bushes, gardens, deck, and so on), worked every day until it was too dark to work, cleaned up after themselves, managed expectations when alterations were necessary, and cheerfully returned to follow-up on a few minor finishing touches. They took no short cuts. Their prep work was carefully considered and meticulously carried out. One neighbor who walked by every day said their attention to detail was remarkable.

Our neighbors continue to approach us with compliments about the crew and their finished work. Our house looks beautiful. We couldn't be more pleased.

Dana Arneson
Dec 27, 2017

Stars: 5

Louis Sr .and team did an excellent job with my full siding replacement this past fall. They completed all of the siding, trim and a porch wrap. They were detailed, answered all my questions/concerns and made sure everything was cleaned up and perfect before they finished and left the job. We have received so many compliments on our "new" house.

Russell Morgan
Sept 27, 2017

Stars: 5

Accurate Siding and Windows is a top notch company. The owner Lou and his team did an excellent job on my house. They showed up when they said they would. They completed the siding when they said they would and kept the work area clean and tidy as they worked. Lou made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I was extremely pleased with his workers. They were very courteous and answered my questions when I had them. Lou was on the job site every day and asked me each day if I was happy with the progress. I received at least 6 estimates for the job at my house. I went with Accurate Siding because I read all of the reviews (all very good by the way) and met with Lou. He was extremely honest and straight to the point. He freely showed me how he estimated the job and did not try to up sale me on things that I didn't want or need. If you are looking for a top rate company to side your home, I recommend that you get Accurate Siding to give you an estimate. You will not be disappointed.

J Kerr
Sept 22, 2017

Stars: 5

Accurate Siding & Windows lives up to their name-ACCURATE. Lou D'Acosta and his son Louis, with Frank, and Brian all take pride in the work they do together. They are eager to please, conscientious, answering all questions and concerns. They troubleshooted and fixed underlying problems and brought to our attention other issues with our house. Reasonable pricing, quality product, on time everyday and meticulous cleanup. They all bring a craftsman's eye to the project. Neighbors and other tradespeople commented on the high quality of workmanship. We highly recommend them.

Gary Butts
Sept 20, 2017

Stars: 5

Had a small job to replace the doors/vinyl siding/trim on my backyard shed. Louis Sr, and Louis Jr, worked as though the shed belonged to them and were going to do the best job that they could. Being a senior citizen with limited mobility, I was very happy to see someone the believed that the customer should be the number one priority. I am very happy with the job that was completed and the professional enthusiasm with which they tackled the task at hand. No doubt that I will recommend this company to anyone that needs work, no matter how small the job seems. Thank you Louis and Louis!!!!

Shihching Kraft
Sept 13, 2017

Stars: 5

Accurate siding and windows is a family owned company that puts pride and quality in all jobs. The best customer service. I will be calling on them again.

Frank Bassett - Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 24, 2017

Stars: 5

Our home is 35 years old it was time to replace the siding, gutters and windows. Having been both a real estate property and project manager, I supervised large and small renovation projects on both commercial and residential properties. Because of my past experience and knowledge, I really did not look forward to dealing with contractors and sub-contractors.

Like all homeowners, I wanted a contractor who was both Licensed & Insured. Accurate Siding & Windows met this requirement. However, I also wanted a contractor whose workers were company employees, and not sub-contractors (dealing with 3rd party sub-contractors can expose you to possible problems that you really do not want to get involved with). Accurate Siding & Windows met this requirement also. I requested and received 3 bids for the work but after meeting with the owner, Mr. Louis DAgosta, I knew that Accurate Siding & Windows was the company that I wanted to deal with.

Because of my knowledge and past experience, I presented Louis with a Scope of Work Contract, describing exactly what work I wanted to have done, which also included a Material Specification List describing the type of materials I wanted used on my home, i.e., the thickness of the vinyl siding (Mastic .044 mm), the manufacture and type of windows I wanted (Simonton – 5500 Series), and the size of the new gutters (6” - .032 mm). Having this information, Louis prepared and presented an estimate for the total project which I found to be both reasonable and acceptable. I signed the contract.

As far as the actual work that was done, I could not be more pleased. Would I recommend Accurate Siding & Windows to my friends and family? Absolutely! All of the workmanship was exceptional. The clean-up after the days’ work was great. Louis is most assuredly a man of his word and, if the need ever arises, I will, without hesitation, use Accurate Siding & Windows again.

Howard Lord
Aug 22, 2017

Stars: 5

Lou and his team did a great job. They took their time and paid great attention to detail. They were very meticulous in their work. Louis did not try to dictate to me what I should or should not do like most contractors and was conscientious to overall customer satisfaction. He replaced rotted wood where necessary and did not try to cheat me on extras the house needed. Now I got the best looking house on the block. I highly recommend Louis and Accurate Siding.

Jason O. in Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 22, 2017

Stars: 5   Project: Repair or Replace Vinyl Siding

Fast but high quality work

Brandi Reeves
Aug 16, 2017

Stars: 5

I had a great experience with this local business. they came to my house promptly on schedule and finished my house within 2 days. i had one complication with a dryer vent and they were right out the next day to fix it. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get siding.

Jacob Or-Bach
July 28, 2017

Stars: 5

Honest, great work and superb customer service. Very highly recommended.

Bill Roberts
June 18, 2017

Stars: 5

Accurate siding did an outstanding job on my siding! From the initial quote to the actual job....I can't give them enough credit to Louis and team......awesome job! You will be very happy you chose Accurate Siding!

Dan Gurganus
June 08, 2017

Stars: 5

We hired Accurate Siding & Windows to replace the siding on our house. We thought Louis was very upfront, honest, reliable, and his quote was affordable. We highly recommend them to anyone needing work done to their homes. Accurate is an honest company that pays attention to the customer and details of the job.

Gary Gobel
June 02, 2017

Stars: 5

Accurate Siding & Windows replaced my trim around windows and doors and the finished job exceeded my expectations. They designed a beautiful creative trim around my bay windows which hand been a thorn in my wife's side for a long time.

Henry Y. in Virginia Beach, VA
May 30, 2017

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Mr. Agosta and his staff did an outstanding job. I am very impressed by their quality of work, and would have them back again if need more siding work done.

Samira Ahed
May 19, 2017

Stars: 5

My experience with Accurate Siding and Windows, Inc.: Owner, Louis, definitely did every thing he promised to do to make his customer "happy"! Went out of his way to see that I got the color of gable vents that I wanted. Did an excellent job wrapping and insulating doors and windows. Started same time each day and always cleaned up at the end of each work day. Honest, reliable and took pride in their work. Highly recommend Accurate Siding and Windows to anyone who needs exterior work done on their home. Louis, Louis, Jr., and Frank are the best team for the job. Thank you for a job well done!

Christina Michener
May 15, 2017

Stars: 5

Louis performed a full siding replacement on our house in February. 2017. We had siding damage from Hurricane Matthew in 2016 that required the house to be resided. Louis initially came to our home to discuss potential cost and gave us a couple different quotes from highest to lowest cost. There was no hassle to commit, just the information we needed to make a decision. After we decided to hire him, Louis came back a couple more times to help make choosing a color easier by bringing a couple panels over in the colors we were considering. Once the work began I appreciated the efficiency from Louis and his workers brought by moving quickly while still maintaining integrity to ensure the job was done right. Each day they started around the same time and cleaned up at the end of the day being careful to remove debris and tools. The total job took approx. 7 days and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over the course of the job, Louis would point out areas of the house that needed to be repaired that I otherwise would have overlooked and even fixed a bowed area at no charge. Overall, Louis and his workers did an outstanding job and I would recommend them to anyone needing siding work.

Whiting Winger
May 11, 2017

Stars: 5

Louis, Louis Jr, and Frank were total pro's at their skill. They treated our home as their own and cleaned up the job site every day for 3 weeks! Throughout the total 4000sf restoration, they ensured we were happy with the fine details to enhance the houses curb appeal. I had 4 quotes and Louis promised his crew would provide the best looking siding job in the neighborhood and he definitely delivered. The entire neighborhood has commented on the quality of the job. Consummate professionals, skilled craftsman, and a total pleasure to have provide a service. No question, the BEST TEAM for the job!!!

Triston Thomas
May 05, 2017

Stars: 5

Had a very pleasant experience with Luis and his team. I decided to go with him over the commercials companies and I was not disappointed. From the first consultation to finish they were extremely pleasant, even modified the job on demand to meet my needs. Military friendly which is a plus! Highly recommend and will be calling again for windows and siding needs.

Michael Chambers
May 03, 2017

Stars: 5

Absolutely amazing fixed a bad sliding door install and made it look like its always been there very professional and price is right will use for any siding job I ever need and would recommend 100% can't thank them enough.

Alan G. in Virginia Beach, VA
April 29, 2017

Stars: 5   Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

Mr. Agosta is a great professional to work with. I ran into many contractors who simply ignored me because my repair was a small job or lied by never returning my phone calls. They were all just greedy looking for the big expensive job. I have come away from this incident with low opinion of the siding industry except Accurate Siding And Windows. Mr. Agosta is ethical and moral. If I need anymore work done, I will call him.

Joe Guida
April 21, 2017

Stars: 5

I had a couple pieces of trim that had blown of in the recent storms that needed to be replaced. I called Accurate Siding and Windows and Louis and his son were at my house the next morning to make the repairs. They did excellent work at a very reasonable price....less than half of what 3 other companies had quoted. Hi highly recommend Louis and Accurate Siding and Windows....they are a top notch operation and good people.

Rose V. in Alexandria, VA
Mar. 19, 2017

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

We received great service. From the first meeting to the last day of the job. They worked very hard to keep us (the customers) informed and made sure to clean after themselves at the end of the day. Would definitely recommend them, I did my research and eventually found them on home advisor with no negative reviews

Darlene M. in Virginia Beach, VA
Feb. 2, 2017

Stars: 5   Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

Louis is very old schooled in his approach to customer and workmanship. He says what he means and delivers! He needs to teach his work ethic to others. Job done on time. Clean up was great...courteous employees. What more could we ask! We will be hiring him again and HIGHLY accommend him to others! Thanks from the McKinney!!

Rick Markle
Nov 28, 2017

Stars: 5

I hired Accurate Siding & Windows to remove and replace the siding on my house and install a new door. I found them to be honest, reliable, and very affordable. They did everything I asked of them and much much more. I would highly recommend them to anyone including friends and family. I will use them for all my home repairs in the future. If you want an honest Company that pays attention to the fine details this is the one for you.

Seaborn M. in Virginia Beach, VA
Nov. 25, 2016

Stars: 5   Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

I would highly recommend these men to do a siding job for anyone!

Christine harrington
Oct 18, 2016

Stars: 5

100% fantastic. Louis and his Accurate Siding and Windows team have done an absolute wonderful job re-siding our home. Louis is very professional, honest, upfront and hard working. The product is exceptional and Louis is remarkably fair and reasonable in his pricing. We would HIGHLY recommend Accurate Siding and Windows to everyone. It is well worth it. Thanks Louis and your team, our home looks great!

Gary Pryor
Oct 06, 2016

Stars: 5

I had some siding come off from the most recent storm Matthew. Louis took my call in the morning and showed up to fix the siding same day. He was able to articulate the issue and gave me a fair price for the work.

He and his son are the standard for this type of work and you'd be nuts not calling them first. I'm a client for life and will refer as many folks as I can.

Kim and Wes P.
Oct. 03, 2016

Louis and his team did an amazing job! We would highly recommend this company to anyone that is in the market for a superior job. They treated us like family and the amount of attention to detail was without compare. Louis junior has the most amazing craftsmanship. His trim work and finishing were the best we have ever seen. When they were working at our home, they were professional and trustworthy. It was like doing business with a friend.

Todd H.
Oct. 03, 2016

100% fantastic. Louis and his Accurate Siding and Windows team have done an absolute wonderful job re-siding our home. Louis is very professional, honest, upfront and hard working. The product is exceptional and Louis is remarkably fair and reasonable in his pricing. We would HIGHLY recommend Accurate Siding and Windows to everyone. It is well worth it..Thanks Louis and your team, our home looks great!
Todd and Christine Harrington

Tyler D.
Aug. 01, 2016

Louis and crew did a fantastic job! For those who are wanting to upgrade your home windows contact accurate siding and windows!

Clifford Williams
July 06, 2016

Stars: 5

Mr. Lou was professional and on time. The quality of work was excellent. I would definitely recommend accurate siding.

Bret R.
Jun 03, 2016

Stars: 5   Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

It has taken me a little while to write this but all I can say is absolute perfection! Louis Sr., Louis Jr., and Frank were absolute professionals that treated our home as their own. They went above and beyond with making sure that we were happy and their attention to detail and skills are better than I’ve seen before. Louis told me that we will have the best looking siding job in the neighborhood and he definitely delivered on that. I’ve had numerous neighbors and people driving by stop and look at the work that they did. They made us feel as though we were part of their family and them ours. Look no further, the best contractors that I’ve dealt with in my life. Bret R.

A Homeowner in Virginia Beach, VA
Jun 03, 2016

Stars: 5   Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding


Nancy H. in Virginia Beach, VA
April 17, 2016

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

They were very professional. When there needed to be an adjustment to the work times we were always notified well in advance; we never had to sit around and wait. Clean up, both daily and end of work, was good. Would highly recommend them for siding. I can only assume their window work would be equally rated.

Jacob O. in Virginia Beach, VA
May 06, 2016

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Excellent contractor, a rare combination of honest, reliable person who provides quality work. Louis and his crew were also very courteous and kept us completely informed of all stages of the process.

James M. in Virginia Beach, VA
March 31, 2016

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

I was very impressed with the outstanding work they did. many sheets of siding were replaced due to strong winds. They also nailed siding that was loose from another company repair so it would last through a strong wind storm. The price was very fair and I will use Accurate siding again. I have hired them to do trim work repair. Great Job

Will H.
Mar 31, 2016

We just had our house wrapped, sided, and new gutters put on by Accurate Siding and Windows. Louis, Lou and Frank are consummate professionals and performed in an outstanding manner. Louis was always true to his word. He and his team were here when they said they would be, always on time, and quick to get the work done. They were all polite, answered all my questions, and provided the best value for the dollar. I strongly recommend anyone needing siding or windows to call Accurate Siding and Windows. They are truly a rare find and will do an excellent job for you. Thank you Louis and thank your team for me.

Janice R. in Virginia Beach, VA
Mar. 16, 2016

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

That Accurate Siding is a great company. I will definately call them for any other outside work I need done because Louis Da’Gosta did a great job, and kept asking me through step how I like what he had done, what would I want changed, he changed it. Louis did a wonderful job, stayed until the job was done to perfection, and I will definately call Acurate again and recommend them to friends that need outside work done on their homes.

James P. in Virginia Beach, VA
Mar. 12, 2016

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

Excellent work.
“LOU” did a repair job on my vinyl siding. His prices were very reasonable and the work was outstanding.

Craig T. in Virginia Beach, VA
Mar. 11, 2016

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

Lost siding do to strong winds. Called Accurate they were able to come out to my house assess the situation and gave me a reasonable quote for the work to be done all in a matter of hours. When the work crew arrived they got right to the task at hand and did excellent work. They took pride in the work they did. Louis is extremely conscientious, very willing to work with the homeowner his word is his bond. A pleasure to do business with.

Fred L. in Virginia Beach, VA
Mar. 10, 2016

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

We had lost about 20% of our siding from the last storm that went through, from the top sections where I could not reach. Needed repairs were discussed in advance and the work crew did an excellent job. New panels were put in place and other repairs to the roof tiles and vent were beyond what I had initially expected. They did a fine job and wouldn’t hesitate to call them again for any other problems in the future.

Markus J. in Virginia Beach, VA
Feb 25, 2016

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

My siding was damaged from strong winds. I called Accurate and they were at my house within hours on the same day. They did a great job and pointed out other things that need to be addressed. Seemed very honest!

John V. in Virginia Beach, VA
Feb 01, 2016

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

This small family owned company worked closely with me and my family to get exactly what we wanted and helped us get more than we realized we could! And their workmanship is excellent – they are very skilled and conscientious. We are very happy with this company.

Homeowner in Virginia Beach, VA
Nov 19, 2015

Project: Install or Completely Replace Vinyl Siding

Louis is truly dedicated to providing quality customer service. He is very knowledgable and the quality of workmanship is superb. My project was complicated by our selection of a new siding product that has been plagued with design issues, but Louis has stood by us throughout and worked directly with the vendor to help resolve the problem. I would highly recommend Accurate Siding & Windows.

Todd Lawson
Oct 20, 2015

Stars: 5

Louis, Louis Jr and the team did a complete siding job and we are extremely impressed and happy. We did our due diligence and got three proposals. Louis was by far the most prepared, enthusiastic, and by far the most honest. Going in to this process we had our minds set on another company, but Louis was the deciding factor! He was always involved with the daily operations. The only subcontractors involved were the gutter guys and they were awesome as well. Again if you are looking for an honest contractor and a very fair price then Louis and Accurate Siding should be on the tops of your lists. Thank you Louis and your team for a job well done.

Robert Rajnys
Oct 15, 2015

Stars: 5

Louis and his crew were the most honest, polite and reliable crew I have ever dealt with period. Louis took the time before and after the job was complete to make sure I was making the right decisions and completely happy and in love with the job. A big plus for Accurate Siding And Windows was the attention to detail, they treated my house not just as another job, but as a piece of art! True professionals in every way. I will be recommending Accurate Siding And Windows to all my friends and family. Thx, Louis & crew!!!!

Stephanie P.
Aug 14, 2015

Feedback: Positive

Lou and his team did a fantastic job on our home! Lou is honest, thorough, and dedicated. His team is hard working, experienced, and respectful. We couldn't be more pleased with the work we had done.

Kevin Oakley
Sept 12, 2014

Stars: 5

I had the whole exterior of my house redone by Accurate Siding And Windows Inc. - vinyl siding, windows, roof, gutters, porch railings/ceiling etc. I was very pleased from start to finish. Everyone from sales to installers bent over backwards to make me happy, and I had some unusual requests. I like that my entire exterior is now maintenance-free, warranted for life, and I only ever have to deal with one company. I love the look and would not change a thing.

Rod Steel
July 22, 2014

Stars: 5

Accurate Siding And Windows replaced all the windows in my house,about 8 months ago.They did a great job,the insulation quality is superb! Now that the summer is over, I evaluated my previous years electric bill,and noticed a 28% reduction!

I am more than pleased with the results!

Eliana Phelps
May 12, 2014

Stars: 5

Even with bad weather Louis made sure the job was done in a very timely manner. Honesty every step of the way.

Becky B.
April 29, 2015

Feedback: Positive

Thanks *** for doing such a great job on my vinyl and windows. This is a very honest company, and the do what they tell the customer will be done. I had a problem with one of my windows and they came back as promised to take care of it. This is a family business and they truly care about their customers. They are the only ones I will ever call again. Much appreciated.


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