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Virginia Beach Contractors

Virginia Beach contractors offer a wide variety of services in general construction including remodeling, renovation, Virginia Beach window replacement, siding installation service, window glass replacement service as well as other related construction services you may need.

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Virginia Beach Contractors

September 30, 2018

Virginia Beach contractors

Our Window Replacement Company

A in-depth look into some of the services offered by Accurate Siding and Windows Virginia Beach contractors

Virginia Beach Contractors - Siding Installation Service

Siding installation service includes the application of an exterior material on the exterior walls of a house. Most Virginia Beach contractors offer this service in addition to other construction services.

Siding by Virginia beach contractors is important in protecting the walls of the house from external elements i.e. water, wind, etc, it acts as a form of insulation for the house and they also beautify the house, improving on the curb appeal.

A wide variety of materials are used in siding installation. Among these materials is Vinyl Siding. Vinyl siding is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, which is basically plastic and is used to decorate and weather-proof the walls of a building.

Virginia Beach Contractors also offer siding repairs for any siding damage, or restoring it to its original condition. Whether you need siding repairs or siding installation service, call Accurate Siding and Windows.


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Virginia Beach contractors - Window Replacement

Virginia Beach Contractors for window replacement. If you have any windows that are broken, damaged, freeze open or shut, old, the window frame falling apart or deteriorated then it’s time to get Virginia Beach replacement windows. Replacement window service can be offered by Virginia Beach Contractors. Replacement windows offered by a replacement window company. This service includes the replacement of an old window by installing a new replacement window in the existing opening. Window glass replacement service is also included under this option, and it involves the replacement of a broken or damaged glass in the window. Replacement windows Virginia Beach come in two types: insert replacement windows and full frame replacement windows.

Insert Replacement Windows

Insert replacement windows is the most commonly requested to Virginia Beach contractors and involves the removal of the old windows, including the sashes, and replacing it with a new window, which is inserted in the same position. There are a wide variety of window options available, you can also get energy efficient options, it does not take a lot of time to install and it is maintenance free. This is the most preferred service as it does not disturb the interior or exterior trim. It is also more affordable.

Full frame replacement windows

Full frame replacement windows is a full frame window replacement also requires replacement of the interior and exterior trim as well as the window sills. Upon completion of the replacement, we might need to paint or stain the trim. This option is costlier than the inserts.

Window Installation Service | Window Installers

The window installation service can be provided by our replacement window / window installation company. The window installation company providing the window installation service will then send over window installers to your address. It is important that you opt for a professional window install as it will ensure the integrity of the window install, and the window installer will ensure the window installation is done to specification and lasts longer.

Choosing the Best Virginia Beach Contractors

Choosing the right Virginia Beach contractors for your project is one of the most important steps. Choosing the wrong Virginia Beach contractor can, not only cost you extra, but can also delay the completion period for your project, and land you in legal hot soup.

Before you decide, there are several things you need to consider:

Credentials and experience

Ensure that the Virginia Beach contractor is licensed to work in your area and is registered by the BBB the an A+ score.


Set a reasonable budget for a qualified Virginia Beach contractor. This does not necessarily mean you choose the lowest bidder, especially if their estimate is significantly lower than the rest. Chances are they are cutting corners somewhere for the quote to be that low.

Have a Contract

This is very important, regardless of the scope of work needed. Contract act as insurance for you, they ensure that the work is done to the agreed-upon requirements and time limits. Ensure that the contract covers every facet of the project: from the materials to be used, the brand, time the project should take, payment schedule as well as the work timetable of the project.

Insured contractor

Make sure that they have the relevant insurance

Research the company

Read reviews. Ask around about contractors in Virginia Beach, listen to the feedback the community around has gathered about them, talk to a few people who have employed their services and see what they have to say about them.

Build a report with the Virginia Beach Contractor

Are you comfortable with each other? Are both parties on the same page on what is required for the project? Can you communicate freely with them? Since you are probably going to spend a lot of time with the contractors in Virginia Beach, it is important that you choose one who you are most comfortable with in all aspects. Is if there is chemistry between both parties, do your personalities clash?