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9 things to know before hiring a replacement window company

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What you need to know before hiring a Replacement Window Company

Replacement Windows

May 28, 2021

Replacement window company that is trusted and proficient. Thinking of a home remodeling project? Replacing your windows in your house can be overwhelming, daunting and also expensive. You might be in a situation where rain is coming inside your home damaging your walls and goods and creating a major mold problem. Perhaps you just purchased your dream home and are finding flaws with your windows sealants that the inspector didn’t notice. You realize air is coming in and out from your house letting cool air out in the summer, making you spend a lot more electricity than you anticipated, and the same happens in the winter with the heating.

Considering replacing all your windows is a huge project, that’s why is important to do a lot of research before deciding what to do about your windows. Do you fix what’s broken or do you get replacement windows altogether? Do you replace only one as close to the rest of the house as you can or do you replace all of them, adding to the cost of the project? Is it something that you can do by yourself or is it something that requires professional help?

House flippers will often replace windows and doors, cause they know it will help sell the house. Those who are house hunting will pay attention to these details. No one wants to have windows that let air in, while they are shut. There are signs inside the home that can tell you whether or not you need to get replacement windows and hire a window glass replacement service.

Ask yourself if you really need Replacement Windows

Replacement windows in your whole house or some of them only, will cost money and you should think about it, before hiring a replacement window company. There are many things to consider when hiring a window company. One being the urgency and necessity to do it and another one being a choice made by design, say, having to remodel the home. Finding the right window glass replacement service isn't easy, but it shouldn't be difficult either. At Accurate Siding and Windows we answer all your questions and give you the best possible solutions for your budget. We art the #1 trusted replacement window company in Virginia Beach. Is it a safety issue? Is the window letting water and air in? Is it because you don’t like the color of the frames? These are questions that you need to ask yourself or whoever in your family is thinking about getting replacement windows for their home.


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Do you Need Replacement Windows because of Safety?

If you’re facing a broken window due to an unforeseen accident, a window glass replacement service is necessary and best done by a window replacement company. The cost of this work will be less because you are replacing only 1 window, due to it being an accident. If there was tampering, breaking or entering, you’d want to consult with a replacement window company specialist to know the best steps to take toward better security in your home. If there’s a dent or flaw in the window sealant and can make it easier for burglars to get in, it is imperative that you fix or get replacement windows.

Is your Electric Bill High?

Do you wonder why you need to crank up the heating in the winter or the ac in the summer; because you can never get the home the temperature you want it? There could be heat loss or air loss from an inefficient window that is not insulating correctly. Getting replacement windows will save energy and a lot of money for you in the long run. Like we mentioned before, replacement windows can save energy and money. They are also better for the environment.

Are Your Windows Letting Leaks Inside During Rain Season?

This is another reason you should hire a window replacement company. Leakage in your home from a window that is bowed, saggy or bent, cannot only let air or heat in and out, but also water. This creates a bigger problem in your home: mold. It can damage your walls, floors, personal belongings and also your health. Many homeowners and renters have experienced deteriorating health and health issues come up from living with mold in their home. This is due to dampness or wetness not getting dry fast enough. It is extremely hard and highly unlikely that floors and walls will dry fast enough before molds builds up; therefore, it’s crucial to have a window replacement company check all your openings, doors, windows and roof. Hire their window glass replacement service, if these is the problem.

Find out Whether or Not You Will Need Permits for new Home Replacement Windows

Before hiring a window replacement company and have them start working, discuss with them the need of permits. You might need to get a permit from your city or HOA before you get replacement windows. They might have to be a particular way to match the rest of your neighborhood style or design, be up to a certain code, or you might have to get a specific consultation, inspection and approval by the city or county if you live in a historic house or district. If for any or more reasons you are not able to get replacement windows, a window replacement company in Virginia Beach or any other area might be able to repair old, damaged or tampered windows to solve safety, energy or leakage issues. If you are experiencing major water damage, replacement window companies should specialize in water damage repair and solutions.

Research Replacement Windows

if you’re thinking about getting replacement windows you might want to explore a different design altogether than the one you already have in your home. Consider the style of home and what window replacement creates a more cohesive look? You might have a modern home and like Victorian type window replacement, but that wouldn’t make sense. Think what window replacement will work organically with the rest of your home.

There are several types of material to choose from: composite, vinyl, aluminum and wood. Do you want windows that allow a lot of light into your house? Then changing the type and style of your windows may help.

If you're replacing the windows in your home because they're old, damaged, or tampered and you want the same style, you don’t have to think much about what type of window replacement to get, as long as the window replacement company you’re hiring carries them or is able to get them and install them. Our replacement window company in Virginia Beach tend to carry a multiple array of window designs. Most match the style of windows most popular in the area, but they can also order specialty windows.

Need replacement windows because you want to or need to change the function? Are you doing an extreme makeover to your home? There are operable windows, those that can be opened, or fixed windows, those that can’t be opened. Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of a window to know what your contractor or window replacement company specialist is talking about. There are single-hung or double-hung windows, and parts such as head jamb, grilles between the glass called GBG, glazing/glass, sash, side jamb, stile, rail and sill. There are sliding windows, accent windows, glass-block windows, basement hopper windows, and more. And like we mentioned before, there are different types of materials: vinyl, wood, aluminum, composite and wood.

Budget for Replacement Windows

One very important step before hiring a replacement window company and buying replacement windows is to know how much you can afford. Talk to a Virginia Beach contractor that specializes on this work to give you an estimate of materials and work cost that is as close as possible to the final amount. You don’t want to get any surprises in the end and realize, it’s a lot more than what you had in mind or were able to afford. Talk to other friends and family that had these services done in their home is a big. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, our window replacement company will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Find a Replacement Window Company you Trust

We are a trusted replacement window company. Check our reviews on Google and Home Advisor. Read reviews, have questions lined up in a notepad to ask over the phone or in person and again, don’t hesitate to call as many times as you need to get all your questions answered before making a decision. Don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate and meet with with us, before making a decision.

Know that Price Doesn’t Equal Quality or Performance shows that in many cases a more expensive window replacement didn’t do as good of a job as one that costs half the price, so those who look shabby or trendy won’t always perform the way you need them too. Most companies love to work with wood windows with a clad exterior because they are way better quality than vinyl. Being that vinyl expands and contracts with changes in temperature more than any other building material, and that can mean cracking in the frames, dents and spaces created where the elements can creep in. Specialist also recommend fiberglass composite windows, because they can be less expensive than clad windows. The expansion and contraction rates on these are pretty much the same as the glass. Windows with removable grates look better, but reviews show that they loosen up with time and it takes more time to take it out when you need to clean your windows. Clients say vinyl is much more practical and user friendly. These are just some examples! A window replacement specialist can also help you explore all of your options!

Now that you have some information about starting a window replacement project in your home, we hope you feel confident enough to start. If you decided it’s necessary to obtain window glass replacement service . Like anything, change can be scary, but leaving something broken can be scarier! Windows are important in our home, they let sun in, but that should be about the only thing they let in when closed. Anything else can represent a problem, that we don’t want you to live with it. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. Just know that we have very good reviews and will offer you quality service and an affordable price. Our goal is to deliver quality windows in all of Virginia Beach and it's surrounding areas.

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