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Finding the Best Virginia Beach Siding Installation Service and Window Relacement in Virginia Beach for Your Home

Here are a few tips and a checklist for you to have at hand at the time of choosing a siding and window contractor in Virginia Beach.

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Tip for Siding and Relacement Windows

October 17, 2019

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1. Ask for recommendations for the type of work you need done from your contractor in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach contractors will have worked with several clients and our siding and window company have an outstanding customer satisfaction and BBB and Google rating. This is the best way to gauge someone’s reputation and work. If you have friends that have had work done by us, ask them for their experience was us. Ask your friends on social media for recommendations as well, you might not know it, but a lot of your friends might have us as their favorite siding and window contractor. We are the number 1 company recommended in Virginia Beach. We uphold over 25 years of excellent reputation, world class customer service, and 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Licensed or not? Virginia Beach contractors carry licenses for work they’re hired to do.

Before you choose siding and window companies, check for a license. If you are in Virginia Beach, Accurate Siding and Windows employs only licensed contractors. You might want to check with the city first before doing major remodeling, but we will be able to advice as well on what is allowed by code or not. Contractors in Virginia Beach should all be licensed.

3. Ask Questions

Your friends gave you recommendations, now what? Have a list of question ready for when you talk over the phone or in person. We welcome all kinds of questions! We want our clients to be 100% clear and understanding on the plans, costs and every detail of the whole process. Don’t be afraid to pull out the list, we won’t bite! Siding installation service and window companies in Virginia Beach are usually friendly and customer oriented.

4. Keep records

Keep records of everything: records of the contracts, change orders, any correspondence pertaining to your home improvement project and professionals, record of all payments and keep all receipts for tax purposes.

5. Review the Bid

Don’t take the first bid or the lowest. You get what you pay for, so make sure that the person that gives you the lowest bid is also reputable, has experience on the kind of work you need done and has good recommendations. Also, make sure his employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation and that he has insurance. A low quote could mean something is wrong, but it can also mean nothing, so cover your bases.

6. GET A Written Contract

Get a written contract that covers in detail what the service entails.

7. Moderate Progress

Keep a log journal of all phone calls, conversations and activities. Take before, during, and after photos.

8. Make sure you are satisfied

Don’t make the final payment or sign and affidavit until you’re 100% the work was done satisfactory.
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