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Everything You Need to Know About House Siding

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August 31, 2022

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Siding is a timeless aesthetic staple in virtually every home, and rightly so. It offers numerous benefits to homes and most residential buildings. Mainly protecting core structures like the walls and foundations. Primarily, it's a process that covers homes' external walls with more sturdy materials to add protection and an aesthetic appeal. This blog article offers insight into house siding and why your house needs one.

Why Consider Siding Installation in Your Home?

Siding is worth every penny for viable reasons. The most apparent one is that it protects your home's essential structures, like the walls and foundations. It acts as a waterproof envelope to prevent moisture damage over time. However, siding installation benefits don't only scratch the surface but are more profound, including:

` Insulation – Your home needs siding installation to stay warm during the cold weather. The heat you produce inside must stay within for more comfort. Maintaining indoor heat without proper insulation and siding can be challenging. Pairing up energy-efficient material and rigid foam insulation can come in handy, offering much-needed heat-loss protection. Same goes for the summer. You don’t want the heat getting inside your home in the summer. Also, proper siding repairs and maintenance keep your home in perfect shape for adequate insulation.

Protection from Pests – Pest infestations can be destructive, compromising your home's structural integrity. Good siding installers will ensure that ideal materials like metal and vinyl siding will be used, to give your home a reliable barrier to imminent attacks from pest. Pests like termites can easily access the most vulnerable parts of your home's structure without siding. That can also be apparent with no proper siding repairs, leading to chips and cracks that create a path for their intrusion.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal – No doubt that using the best siding materials gives your house a better aesthetic appeal. It makes your home appear more exotic, especially with vinyl siding and other eye-catching materials like wood siding and fiber cement siding. Good siding installers with a knack for their job can design more fashionably designs that grab attention.

Sought-After Siding Materials to Use

Vinyl Siding – This siding material is low-cost and low-maintenance, hence the most recommended in residential siding by most siding contractors. Besides, it doesn't require more frequent siding repairs like the others, so we also highly recommend it at Accurate Siding and Windows. Vinyl siding is also incredibly versatile and can masquerade as wood, board, batten, or shakes, but it's merely high-quality and more durable plastic. Besides, it's much quicker to install, and a professional siding installation company like Accurate Siding and Windows can also add it as a retrofit over old wood siding.

Metal Siding – Like vinyl siding, metal siding is also low maintenance and requires less siding repairs, but is marginally costly. They win over most homeowners with their incredible durability, especially for the types having a factory-applied finish to make them less susceptible to corrosion. Steel and aluminum are the most obvious choices for homes since they're sturdy and more reliable for structural protection. They're also a viable alternative to vinyl siding. If you want to use them as a retrofit to wood. However, they're usually free-standing and held up on their own and feature horizontal strips with mounting flanges and interlocking edges.

Wood Siding – Wood is appealing, and using this material gives it an eye-catching appearance. This siding material comes in various types, including wood planks, shingles, panels and boards. Numerous homes still use wood siding. Wood siding offers proficient insulation. However, most siding contractors would still recommend lining it with insulating material for more effective heat retainment. Unlike metal and vinyl siding, wood siding can be relatively costly to install and may need more regular maintenance to keep it in perfect shape. Besides, it's more susceptible to moisture damage than the other options.

Fiber Cement Siding – Fiber cement is resource-efficient and relatively widespread in siding installation. It appears more or less like natural wood grain, since it combines cement and natural cellulose wood fibers. Like vinyl siding, this option is more versatile in design, since it features a prime coat of paint. Fiber Cement Siding is available in shingles, stucco panels and shakes. While they can be relatively expensive, this siding option is incredibly durable and hardly caves into moisture and insect damage, hence sought-after by most siding installers.

Other types of siding options exist, including stone veneer, masonry siding and composite siding. Both are ideal for your home. Professional siding contractors can quickly help with your siding installation project. Were here to help you pick the best siding contractors in the city. Whether you have a huge siding installation project in mind or a little siding repair around the house, we will be happy to assist you.

Why You Need to Hire Professional Siding Installers

Siding installation is quite an involved process requiring a high-level of proficiency and skill. This is your defense against the outside world. Poorly installed siding can be problematic. You might get moisture-induced warping or insect attacks. Siding installers with valuable experience are usually the right people for the job. Besides, good siding installers, we offer cost effective options and fair pricing. We offer reliable siding installers that are available for follow-up siding repairs and maintenance.

Work with Professional Siding Contractors Today!

Accurate Siding and Windows are licensed and accredited siding installers with years of on the job training and experience. We pride ourselves on professional siding installation, siding repairs and maintenance, ensuring that your home stays in great shape for a long time. We understand siding can be expensive; therefore, we strive to do our BEST work every-time.

Siding Conclusion

Accurate Siding and Windows will exceed expectations and give you 100% quality service. No job is too big or too small. Call our friendly family today. Proficient siding contractors can come in handy if you're looking for siding repairs, installation, or maintenance. High-quality siding installation service will protect your home from harsh weather conditions and provide insulation. Well-versed siding contractors like Accurate Siding and Windows offer eye-appealing installations to make your home aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Accurate Siding and Windows is a family owned business that has been serving the Virgina Beach community for over 25 years. We are very happy and proud to be in business for such a long time and are blessed to have such wonderful clients.


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