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Looking for a window contractor that is both certified and dependable? Window installers for replacement windows. Certified window company for window replacement

October 08, 2020

Are you looking for a window contractor that is both certified and dependable? Accurate Siding and Windows is a family-owned and operated window contractor with both the expertise and experience needed to help you with window replacement and installation. We represent some of the best window companies and manufacturers nationally, thus ensuring that you get a lot of options for your home. Windows help to boost the curb appeal of your home, especially after home renovations. Having the right windows and proper placement will help increase your home’s value. Window installers will help you find the best fit to replace your old windows.

Why you need Replacement Windows

Have you noticed your heating bill skyrocketing in the recent past? Most of the time, all you need to do to lower your heating bill is to replace your windows. However, not anyone can carry out window replacement in your home. You need professional services from Accurate Siding and Windows when it comes to window replacement and installation. If you are undecided about replacement windows, here are more reasons why you need to change those old and leaky windows in your home.

Maintaining consistent indoor temperatures

Energy-efficient windows block more than 70% of solar heat gain in your home. The HVAC system can, therefore, work efficiently, and your home will remain cool at all times. You won't also have to keep your furnace running all winter, which saves you a lot of money. The right window contractor will help you achieve consistent indoor temperature.

Protect your furniture

Did you know that the sun can have a negative impact on your carpet, furniture, and curtain colors? To reduce color-fading in your home, you need to install window replacement services. The LowE glass coating on most modern windows will help protect your home from strong sunlight.

Increase privacy and block noise

Outside noises can be rather irritating, especially when you are living in a busy intersection or city. However, the old windows don’t help keep outside noises out and inside noises in. Window companies have developed new energy-efficient windows that block noise while improving privacy. At Accurate Siding and Windows, we will help you get the best window replacement services to suit your needs.

Other benefits of replacement windows include; added security, clearer views, re-imaging your home, and better functionality.

Why hire Accurate Siding and Windows

Finding the right window contractor is never as easy as it seems. What most people need is a reliable and certified contractor that provides competitive services. At Accurate Siding and Windows, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best services for our clients. We have a certified and experienced team that has worked in the window replacement industry for decades. Our technicians will walk you through the different options of replacement windows that you have. You will also get excellent advice on which windows will suit your home and provide you with the much-needed benefits. What sets us apart from any other window contractor out there is our customer tailored services. We will advise you based on your budget and needs. This ensures that you can get good value for your money during window replacement.

At Accurate Siding and Windows, we work according to the schedule of our clients. We will; therefore, adjust our schedule to suit yours, thus ensuring you get nothing but high-quality services. Unlike most window installers, we understand that you have a busy schedule.

Hiring Accurate Siding and Windows gives you a personalized touch at competitive prices. Understand that our window installers have the required expertise to help you find the right replacement windows for your home. You can rest easy knowing that all your window needs are in great hands.

Window replacement materials for tour Home

We, Accurate Siding and Windows, pride ourselves on being experts in the window replacement industry. Understand that we provide nothing but the best materials for all of our clients. Below is an in-depth look at some of the materials used during window replacement.

Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass is an excellent option that provides multiple color options and proper insulation. Understand that fiberglass is suitable for all climates since it is water-resistant. Fiberglass also doesn’t warp, bend, peel, or crack easily. You won’t need to worry about replacement windows anytime soon when you select fiberglass.

Aluminum Windows
Most window companies prefer because it provides strength and long-lasting services. Aluminum is also easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of designs. Architects use modern aluminum products because of their clean look that allows versatility in terms of design. Accurate Siding and Windows is your trusted window contractor when it comes to all aluminum products.

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl frames are an excellent choice when you want to increase insulation in your home. The high-end vinyl frames are embedded with Titanium Dioxide, ensuring that it never yellows or becomes brittle. Note that vinyl provides various styles and sizes since it can be molded easily. Window companies, therefore, offer an extensive range of options.

Wood & Clad Wood Windows
The exterior of wooden windows can be primed or left bare, depending on the aesthetics of your home. Note that the wood and clad wood products can be a great replacement windows alternative depending on your preference.

Steel Windows
Steel is an excellent choice that most window installers will recommend when you need increased durability, greater security, and low maintenance. Understand that steel window frames are both corrosion and fire-resistant. The durable and robust steel construction gives you home extra safety and protection.

Replacement Windows and Window Installers

Most homeowners don’t know how to install new replacement windows. Although the process should be left to certified window installers. At Accurate Siding and Windows, we will send out a professional window contractor to do the entire job.

Below is a generalized account of everything that goes on when installing new replacement windows. Most window companies will advise you not to stay at home during this period. At Accurate Siding and Windows, we have vetted our entire staff, ensuring that all your valuables are in good hands during the whole window replacement task.

The first step is removing all the old windows and beginning the replacement process. Note that the replacement windows are installed immediately an old window is removed. This ensures that the process is fast and effective.

Once all the windows and removed and replaced, our window installers will start installing exterior trim. Note that the exterior trim will provide a tight seal to protect you from adverse weather. The entire house is then broom-cleaned, and the replacement windows get tested.

Do you need Replacement Windows?

On average, your windows need replacement every 15-20 years. However, if you have those old windows, then there is no doubt that you need window replacement. Understand that the new, energy-efficient replacement windows provide a lot of benefits, as discussed earlier. Contrary to what you might think, hiring a window contractor is quite affordable. You also get to save a lot of money in the long run because of reduced heating bills. Having your old windows replaced is a smart investment for your home. Contact us, Accurate Siding and Windows, today, and get professional window replacement and window installation service. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality services that are tailored to suit your needs. Reach us today and speak to an aspect with years of experience in replacement windows. We are here to help you with new quality windows.


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